Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Author asshattery

Recently, AztecLady of the blog Karen Knows Best, vented up a bit about reviewing.  As I was reading the blog post I got a rather interesting email from someone I will refer to as asshat author.  The author demanded, in an insulting, derogative, demeaning and arrogant manner that we remove the reviews of her books.  Of course, anyone reading this has guessed by now the reason why.  Since the three reviews (by two different reviewers) were less than glowing, of course, the reviewers do not know how to read.

Anyway, the exchange was rather interesting.  When I am dealing with people that are not all there, my answers are usually short and to the point for obvious reasons.  I copied her publishers.  Her reply was a LONG ranty email calling me names (bully, unprofessional, yadda yadda).  The few things that I said went right over her head despite them being very straightforward.  She got a lot of wind from a 5-6 short sentences email reply (which is the actual length of my email to her).  Yes, I did call her "unprofessional".  That was rather unprofessional of me, but frankly, she should be grateful the matter was not handled by my co-owner, as of right now, she'd likely have  a bunghole on her forehead as well as a second one on her ass.

Anyway, she's also the sort that needs to have the last word.  Not only did she email me yet again, even after I told her to "do as you deem fit" and pretty much implying "I am done".  She did proceed to post in her blog how shitty the review site is. At least she follows through with her promises  :>


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