Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Now how to write those reviews...

Now that I am "officially" reviewing again, I am finding myself with a quandary of sorts: do I read the whole book first and then write the review (that's what I did with my first review posted to the blog) or do I take notes as I go along.  I am inclined to just read the whole book first and then write the review.  For someone that wrote reviews for quite a few years, this sounds ass-backwards, but the thing is that way back when, my reviews were short as that was a requirement from the websites/publication I wrote reviews for.  Now that I am writing the reviews for my own entertainment, I do want to give a bit more detail and make them different to what I was used to.

The many ways in which I like to complicate my life and make something that should be simple, a headache... yay me  ;)

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