Monday, May 30, 2011

Overhyping authors

I belong to a few popular blogs and frankly, they sometimes sound like a stereo system.  Why?  Well, because they do like to overhype the same authors.  Some examples, Nalini Singh and Courtney Milan.  I get it, you "adore" them... but frankly, it has gotten to a point in which I don't care about your opinions on the overhyped authors' work because, well, it's predictable that you drool over them.  I also have authors that I "adore", but so far, even those in my top 5 list occasionally do not hit the mark, know what I mean?

Anyway, sorry, but I had to get that off my system.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Authors "rebelling"?

I started to write this post months ago, but the topic resurfaces every once in a while so I am going ahead and publishing it:

As I was doing my blogs round a couple of months ago, I stumbled on this post at Karen Knows Best.  When I proceeded to visit the blog she linked to, my first reaction was to wonder what was the author on.  Incidentally, bear in mind that what is up now, is NOT the original post that started the flame war.  Knowing that the author was either going to delete it or modify it, I took screen shots for my own use, for comparison purposes if needed.

I have to say that it definitely was not the first time I read ignorant and shortsighted remarks, as it pertains to reviews, coming from an author.  However, as usual, what got to me was the use of sweeping generalizations, and in particular, the fact that, once again, readers in general were pretty much being insulted. 

As I read the comments section (and added my .2 cents worth because, you know, I am not opinionated or anything) I kept seeing a few author posts supporting the above writer.  The common argument in those replies: that how come bloggers can say whatever they want about a book, and yet when an author calls foul on the reviews, the bloggers get in a tizzy.  Though I do see their point, I also think that they are MISSING the point themselves... actually, I don't even think that they realize how that argument truly sounds and that that particular argument has nothing to do with the rights to voice opinions.  That argument is nothing but a lame attempt at a diversionary tactic to distract attention from the REAL issues at bar, which are:  (1) that readers (ALL of them, including authors) have the right to their opinions and (2) that they have the right to voice and share those opinions if they so feel inclined.  As the saying goes, opinions are like a**holes ... everyone has one.. and frankly, these authors do need to grow a thicker skin.  They can scream, then can come up with "counter-reviews" (nevermind that the latest complaints have been about reviews that, from an objective third party point of view, were pretty good), they can insult reviewers and come up with all sorts of lame arguments ... the fact remains that everyone has the right to their opinion and to voice it however they deem fit, and they don't owe it to anyone to be "nice".

Personally speaking, I can't write a harsh review, but that is me, I am just one individual.  However, I wouldn't go around trying to force my PERSONAL POINT OF VIEW and CHOICES on others. Furthermore, as it now has become evident, even perfectly civil and carefully worded reviews are now being lambasted by some authors, so really, why should anyone care to be "nice" when writing a review when it will be damned if you do and damned if you don't ... I will continue writing my reviews however I feel like it, right now they are civil and even if I hated the book, I'll not go on a frenzy, however, I can not guarantee that I will always be "civil".  Since I am a tiny guppy in an ocean of big name blogs, no one will notice, so I don't really care ... but still, I want to make the point across that I have the right to voice my opinion however and whenever I deem fit, and no lame argument is going to stop me from doing so... and much less, when the lame argument includes scathing and insulting gross generalizations about readers and/or reviewers in general.