Monday, February 13, 2012

Authors I used to love ... but not so much any longer ....

As I was attempting to read Christine Warren's "Black Magic Woman", I couldn't  help but to start thinking why did I bother.  The heroine in this particular book irritated the hell out of me.  To make the story short, I HATE heroines with zero sense of self-preservation (more on my personal definition of TSTL heroines in a future blog article).  The said heroine irritated me so much, that I just started skipping whole chunks of the story.  The hero wasn't particularly yummy (despite the wings and all).  I then realized that that is exactly what I did with the previous three books of the series.  That's when I started thinking of other authors whose books I continue purchasing even when I know the book will either not be read in a couple of years or, if I do try to read the books, I will likely end up skipping chunks of the story as well.

Along with Christine Warren, other authors that I seem to be sticking to, despite the fact that they don't do a thing for me any longer are: Lora Leigh (her Breeds series, which is the only one of her series I read.  I don't read contemporaries so her Nauti stuff I don't touch), Sherrilyn Kenyon (Dark Hunters), Nalini Singh (Psy/Changeling), Kresley Cole (Immortal's After Dark), and J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood.  I don't read contemporaries, so as with Lora Leigh, I don't read her contemporary stuff.  I don't bother with her 100% urban fantasy stuff either).

Frankly, I can't come up with a logical explanation as to why I keep trying.  All I can think of is that these authors were authors whose books I would look forward to almost desperately, and I would read those books in one sitting.  For this very reason, I keep hoping that the next book will be as good as the ones that originally got me hooked on a particular series.

Looking at the list, I also notice that all of the series are paranormal.  I don't fancy paranormal romance as much as I used to, truth be told, so maybe that's one of the reasons they don't appeal to me the same way. 

Why do I keep wasting money like this, I have no idea, but I hope to snap out of it soon, as money doesn't exactly grow in trees.


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