Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodreads, Calibre and me - part two

Well, I am slow, but thankfully not entirely dumb, so it does seem that I've been able to figure out at least some of my conundrums involving Goodreads and Calibre.  I did have to go book my book on my current Calibre Library, to make sure the ISBNs were in the metadata for each title to be able to prepare a spreadsheet that, when imported to Goodreads, would allow the site to "recognize" each book.  My Goodreads list now is more accurate.  I now have to go through my previous Calibre library backup which got all messed up during one of Calibre's updates early last year (or the previous year, can't recall).  I got pissed off so I simply started from scratch, saving the older library to "fix" the problem at a later date.  Of course, procrastinator that I am, it didn't happen until today.  However, I am slowly getting there.  I am aware I'll not be able to finish this task today, as I have way too many books.  Now I have to figure out the how to send my Goodreads reviews to my blog, and then the widget for my bookshelf.

As I was going through my Calibre library fixing metadata, I realized that I am a shameful e-book collector the same way I used to be a print book hog.  There are quite a number of e-books that I have not read or that I don't remember having read.  I will have to start paying more attention and actually bother to "mark" each book as read or TBR (to be read).

I know that this is probably sounding like way too much work, but I am actually deriving satisfaction out of seeing that list of books grow, and figuring a way of cataloging/classifying them suitably.  I am also finding it satisfying to write down in a journal.  I had attempted this in the past, with no success whatsoever (I am not particularly disciplined.)  I discovered the journals, via another blog which I can't recall at the moment. I HIGHLY recommend them.  They come in two sizes (pocket and large) and they have leading questions in each page, which certainly do help out when jotting down notes.  FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS!  I bought three: one large and two pocket, I am going to be placing another order really soon and likely buying a pocket one for one of my nieces.

On a side note, I am losing track of my husband's favorite authors and books, I think I am going to start a Goodreads private account for him, so that I can keep up.  I used to have to keep up for my niece, but the girl (who is smart and very internet savvy) has fixed that for herself, so no need to do that any longer ... WOOT!  Love her, but she reads a LOT and it was becoming harder and harder... not complaining here, just sayin'.  She has a humongo-list of TBR books she wants to read.

I shall report further when I figure out the "other" stuff involving Goodreads.


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