Friday, March 23, 2012

Goodreads, Calibre and me - part three

Well, as previously reported, I figured the spreadsheet thingie.  Now I am looking at my list (now at a hefty 656 books in Calibre of which 619 transferred to Goodreads with no issues), and I realize that I have to try and detail which are read and which are not.  It wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that I can't see how to do it in bulk, instead of having to go one by one checking every title as "read".

On a side note, I am now printing book lists of my favorite authors, to make sure that my collections of said authors are complete.  Many of the books by my favorite print authors I have both in print and in ebook format.  I suspect that by the time I am done with this, I will have well over 500 more books added to my book catalog in both Calibre and Goodreads.  Thankfully I have a scanner and will be able to go relatively quickly once I tackle the print book collection.

Random thoughts: Should I check Shelfari?  Should I start my husband's Goodreads page?

The saga continues...


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