Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review "shorty": "Careful, He Bites" by Autumn Dawn

Disclaimer:  I own this book.  I have read all of the current published work by this author.

"Careful, He Bites" is a  short novella previously published by New Concepts Publishing under the title "Once Bitten".  This story involves a woman, Bali Itara, whose father (your standard totally deranged scientist) experimented on.  As a result, she is now slowly dying because of her altered, mutated genes.  Her best friend and doctor (who goes by the nickname Icki, go figure) suggested to her to be bitten by a member of an alien race, the Drac.  The Draconian males bite their mates to facilitate impregnation.  While doing so, they genetically alter the female.  He sends her to an acquaintance of his named Domino.

Obviously, since this book is novella length, there is not much room for development.  The story moves at a rather fast pace for that very reason, and sometimes it does feel a bit rushed.  However, the characters are attractive and that, along with the pacing, are enough to keep the reader engaged.

I do recommend this book if you feel like reading a futuristic short, however, if you are into "world creation", you may find yourself feeling less than satisfied.  I know I would love to find out more about the Drac.


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