Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Enhanced: Brides of the Kindred 12" by Evangeline Anderson

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided to me directly by Evangeline Anderson, the book's author.  The original review is posted in Amazon.  I have read some of Ms. Anderson's earlier work, though this is my first in the Kindred series.

Setting: Futuristic in a contemporary setting.

Synopsis:  Six and Mei-Li have been "visiting" each other in their dreams for a while now.  Six, a Dark Kindred from a planet in which emotions are outlawed and everyone is required to have physical "enhancements" of some sort, never planned to claim Mei-Li, but the leader of his Collective finds out about his dreams. His leader orders Six to go to Earth to claim Mei-Li, and to bring her back to their planet.  This order baffles Six, though he has no emotions since, as previously mentioned, all Dark Kindred have their emotions suppressed as emotions are outlawed in their planet.  Mei-Li, who is a social worker, is certain Six will never claim her, but she's in for a big surprise...

Characters: Six is a Dark Kindred living in planet Zeaga 4.  He's a pure blood Kindred, but he migrated there in his early teens, where he joined what is known as the planet's Collective.  Dark Kindred are mechanically "enhanced" as anyone living in Zeaga 4 is required to have implants or "enhancements."  He has two: one of his eyes and one of his arms.  Like all Kindred, he's a lot bigger than normal human males.

Mei-Li, Chinese born but raised in the United States by her affluent adoptive parents, is a social worker who takes her work very seriously.  Her mother passed away a few years back during a surgical procedure, which has given her a very strong aversion to anything having to do with surgeries. She has been dreaming of Six and knows what that means, however, she is certain he will never come to claim her, mostly because of what she believes to be her physical flaws.

Impressions: "Enhanced" is a well written futuristic erotic romance, with likeable characters, and an interesting plot line.  It can definitely be read on its own without the reader feeling lost.  The author incorporates enough world creation to make the aliens (Kindred) appealing, but not so much that it feels like there is too much detail.  Since this book is an erotic romance, sex is most definitely a vital part of the story and the relationship between the main characters.  This particular book involves a m/f relationship.

The relationship development is well done.  The reactions of Mei-Li are quite believable given her circumstances (being claimed by an alien with mechanical enhancements).  Six, as a Kindred adapted into a Collective from another planet which requires full suppression of his emotions, also reads believable in his reactions and the way he is caught of guard by emotions he was not supposed to be experiencing.

The story can definitely be read as a stand-alone, though characters from previous stories in the series appear briefly.  I also feel that for anyone interested in the Kindred universe, reading the previous books in this series is a must.

The book includes a couple of teaser chapters for the next title in this series.

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